Save The Date Wedding Podcast launches new e-shop and product line

With over 180,000 listeners to date, Save The Date Wedding Podcast has landed firmly in the hearts and funny bones of engaged couples the world over. Now the comedic podcast is set to extend its reach into their wardrobes with a brand new e-shop, stocked with an uplifting range of T-shirts and tote bags.

The t-shirts and tote bags, each emblazoned with one of several witty slogans, retail from £13 and make perfect pre-nuptial stocking fillers, engagement gifts or hen party outfits. Non-UK listeners are also in luck as the new e-shop ships worldwide.

Save The Date’s host, comedian Aleisha McCormack designed the t-shirts and slogans, which parody mainstream wedding tropes, re-defining the idea of the modern bride. Customers can choose from beautifully presented comedic messages such as “{Bridechilla} a bride who is chill”, “{Pintervention} something I need” and many more amusing variations on the theme.

Aleisha explains: “The slogans are, of course, designed to be entertaining, but they also send a positive, tongue-in-cheek message about what it means to get married in the modern age.”

“Much of the comic relief comes from the relatable messages, addressing shared bridal experiences such as wedding stress headaches, pre-wedding nightmares and the tribulations of planning a wedding without being an a-hole.”

The product range symbolises a great end to what has been an enormously successful year for Save The Date. From expert wedding industry guests to Q&As and general witty banter and chit-chat, Aleisha has become a friendly, familiar voice to couples navigating the often-daunting wedding planning process.

With over 100 episodes so far, Aleisha has recorded over 58 hours of wedding planning podcast content and answered more than 160 listener questions for her regular Thursday Q&A episodes. All of this hard work has paid off. Save The Date is an iTunes What’s Hot and #1 New & Noteworthy Podcast.

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Historic London venue, Gray’s Inn, to offer luxurious bridal shower celebrations

Gray’s Inn truly is one of London’s most fascinating hidden treasures. One of the prestigious four Inns of Court, the venue has earned a reputation as the ideal spot for couples with a love of history to exchange their vows. Now Gray’s Inn has extended its offering to provide luxurious bridal shower celebrations in conjunction with two of London’s most sought-after wedding suppliers.

Bridal parties have the choice between two entertaining, engaging and sophisticated pre-wedding workshops: a cake-decorating class with high-end cake designer, GC Couture or a lesson in crafting the perfect bouquet with top London florist, Blue Sky Flowers.


During the cake-design workshop with GC Couture, guests will learn to decorate their own mini cakes with one of GC Couture’s expert team at a cost of £35 per head for one hour, or £60 for a two-hour class. The groups will be privy to coveted tricks of the trade, such as how to apply delectable buttercream icing and make picture-perfect sugar roses. At the end of the workshop, guests will be able to take home their creations in a special gift bag. GC Couture is happy to accommodate flavour choices and provide gluten-free options on request, all materials are provided.

The Blue Sky Flowers bouquet class will give brides and their friends an opportunity to learn to make their very own special bridal or occasion bouquet or centrepiece in a fun, informal environment. The workshop provides the perfect icebreaker for a pre-wedding party and a fantastic, relaxed way for new friends to get to know each other before the big day. The sessions are bespoke; flowers are chosen by season and, of course, the bride’s personal preference. The one-hour classes cost £40 per guest and include all materials, such as a special gift bag and, of course, the guest’s own finished product to take home and proudly display.

Brides seeking a truly decadent treat may choose to book both workshops. Optional extras can be reserved to extend the celebration, including an afternoon tea option, a three-course fine dining lunch or a luxury hot buffet with prices from £14 per head.

The bridal showers are available to book now through the Gray’s Inn website or by contacting the events team using the contact details below.

For enquiries or bookings, please contact Gray’s Inn
T: 020 7458 7830

Our client GC Couture reveal their wedding cake trend predictions for 2016

We find that, increasingly, brides will choose their designs based on their own individual taste, fashion style and colour scheme of their wedding rather than any trends. Brides are becoming more confident and are thus happy to order a wedding cake based on their own tastes with no need to feel forced to follow a particular trend. As brides choose more individual themes for their wedding, so too they can choose a completely individual wedding cake. As we have an incredible 50 flavours from which to choose, at GC Couture we have an overwhelming selection for brides to handpick their wedding with Pina Colada proving to be a popular choice!”

Pastel pretty

“Pastel colours such as pinks, corals, yellows, baby blues and mint greens are always a popular choice but we predict pastels will be big in 2016! Pastels are so pleasing to the eye and so much can be done in terms of style and the design of cake. They can act as a canvas on which to place a bride’s own thoughts or they can look classic and elegant as they are.”

Size matters

“Tall cakes will always be the most popular, the bigger the better in most cases. In African, Greek and Arab culture it’s as big as you can get through the door, whereas English weddings used to be an average are 3 or 4 tiers, we are noticing the average number of tiers now is 6-8. There is less demand for cake toppers as tall cakes are in vogue at the moment and we predict an increase in tiers for 2016, so the top tier of the cake has almost replaced the traditional cake topper. Tall wedding cakes really have the wow factor, so brides should make sure they put it on display to really show it off.”



“I can see that cupcakes will never be as popular as tiered wedding cakes but we still have the odd few orders for the more informal and casual weddings. The cupcakes can be arranged on tiers and displayed in a similar fashion to a traditional wedding cake, for visual impact.”


Love Birds

“Unusually we’ve had a recent flurry of peacocks and ducks on wedding cakes, so perhaps birds and animals will become more of a trend in 2016!”


Top Tier Tradition

“The tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for the baby’s christening only happens if the mothers put pressure on their young daughters, whereas for more mature brides they keep the top tier for the anniversary which is a sweet twist on the tradition and could become more popular.”

Marie Sinclair, owner of GC Couture (

Our client Ananya reveal their stationery trend predictions for 2016

Vaishali Shah, Creative Director of Ananya has looked at the catwalk, interiors, pattern libraries and more, for inspiration to identify their 6 key trends for 2016 – and has then interpreted them in their own Ananya style.

TREND 1 – MEADOW / BOTANICALS – this will be a big trend for 2016.

Meadow Botanicals The nature trend continues to be popular but in 2016, it is all about the wild flowers, the meadows, and the countryside. It is less structured and more wild and organic, not so refined anAdd Newd put together. Think romantic meadow prints, carefree summer days. We will also see botanical illustrations – sketched imagery, hand drawings, which can be intricate and delicate.

As you would expect, shades of green will be popular. Green is a colour of nature, ecology, harmony, peace, growth, new life and positive energy. In most western cultures green denotes luck. Green in your wedding colours will create a calming and restful mood with enough warmth to encourage a feeling of unity and togetherness among the guests.

Green and pink work well together. Pink represents universal love, romance, friendship, harmony, and compassion. It’s a more gentle and loving energy than red. Hot Pink is bursting with energy. It radiates more passion than pale pink. It’s contemporary and fun. Pink as one of your wedding colours will create a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness.


Here, the leaf/foliage takes centre stage.


Foliage can delicately grace wedding invitations. Autumnal coloured leaves can set the perfect tone for your autumn wedding and tones of green bring a sense of freshness and are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Foliage will also be tropical – tropical florals and lush foliage will be big in 2016. With the tropics theme, expect to see birds of paradise, tropical birds, bright colours.

We expect to be designing quite a few orchid themed invitations next year – and also perhaps some with tropical pineapple prints – which we saw a lot of on the catwalk!

This foliage trend would lend itself well to outdoor, rustic types of weddings. Imagine barns, garden weddings and venues heavily inspired by nature. We believe that envelope liners will increase in popularity in 2016. We have certainly noticed an increase in brides asking for fancy patterned lined envelopes this year, compared to previous years.

Using patterns from the design, to co-ordinate them with the stationery, they add an extra dimension and accent – and add harmony to the entire stationery suite. This foliage trend works really well for couples that are eco-conscious. All Ananya stationery is printed on card from sustainably managed forests.


Indigo is a combination of deep blue and violet.


Indigo is said to represent dependability, trustworthiness and sincerity – and therefore makes an ideal colour for weddings and wedding stationery. It is a spiritual colour and derives its name from the Indigo dye from the Indigo plant, found in India. It represents the 3rd eye (for intuition and creativity) in the Indian Chakra system that represents energy centres in the body. Blue, generally speaking, is a calming, relaxing, cooling colour.

In 2016, there will be a sea of blue and in particular indigo. Shades of blue are highly adaptable to one’s style preference; deeper shades like indigo, royal and navy blue can give a regal, sophisticated look. Lighter shades like teal and sky blue can give a summery look for nature lovers. Combine with white, yellow or green for a fresh, crisp look, or metallic for sophistication and glamour. Indigo works very well with other colours to give interesting colour combinations and palettes.

Blue stationery can also be your ‘something blue’ for a wedding.


Paisley – originates from ancient times, but its appeal is eternal.


Exotic and always in vogue, the paisley motif will be particularly on trend in 2016. Suitable for both Western and Eastern weddings – for western weddings, the paisley pattern can be used in a more stylised, contemporary way. For Eastern weddings, it can be used in a more traditional, recognisable form.

This is part of the trend for ‘ancient modern’ – where historical references take on a twist. Tradition redefined. Tradition reinvented. You have licence to be creative in your interpretation of the paisley symbol.

Ananya loves taking traditional patterns and motifs and giving them a contemporary interpretation. Ananya particularly does this for multicultural weddings, which are certainly on the rise, where Ananya takes elements from both cultures and seamlessly weaves them into the stationery.

Paisley can be expressed in bright, vibrant colours – makes a dramatic statement at a wedding. Expressed in soft and serene colours – can convey both the joy and sanctity of the occasion. It can be delicate, finely detailed or ornately swirly against a bold backdrop.

We will see paisleys in 2016 in vibrant colours like saffron (an auspicious colour in Hinduism and therefore often used in Asian weddings) as well as more toned down in earthier, mustard colours.


The promise of far away lands. Exotic. Mosaics. Heritage prints and ethnic patterns. Tile patterns – taking inspiration from tiles


Traditional handcrafted motifs. Metallic. Moroccan/souk feeling. Intricate. Colourful. Vibrant, bold, jewel tones

A time to mix contrasting colours – colour clash, a riot of colours. Heavy use of the colour purple being used in this trend.

Purple has strong, historical associations with royalty, especially in sacred contexts. Colour of magic, mystery, spirituality, royalty


For those who like to make a bold statement, the trend for geometric designs is a perfect fit. There are no rules when it comes to the design and colour combinations.


Be as bold as your personality. Patterns can be as complicated OR simple or ornate as you like.

Structured geometrics. Mosaic patterns. Graphic interlocking. Islamic geometry, patterns and architecture. Bold diagonals

Contemporary stripes and checks. Structured colour blocking. Abstract. Maze like. Ethnic geometric patterns can look tribal. As seen on the Prada catwalk

ananya logo new

Although these are key trends, which Ananya has identified, Ananya feels that there are certain designs and styles, which will always be popular with bridal couples.

  • elegant, classic, stationery – engraved and embossed onto thick card
  • monochrome black and white or black and champagne. Champagne is a lovely colour – elegant and sophisticated colour that has a slightly vintage feel and works well with black, and warmer than black and white.
  • monograms – the ultimate in personalisation. When incorporating elements meaningful to a couple, their monogram becomes part of their identity and has many uses beyond the wedding, including personal stationery.
  • Metallic colours and in particular rose gold. The ascent of rose gold with its soft glow has definitely caught the imagination of the fashion world, and this is being adapted into the world of wedding stationery. With its versatility, equally stunning when combined with deep, rich colours such as claret, burgundy or even purple, as well as soft pastels such as peach, blush pink and grey, rose gold is sure to cast its spell in 2016.